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The Hoyapreneur

The Hoyapreneur, our official quarterly e-newsletter, is available to the entire StartupHoyas community and features articles about the Georgetown entrepreneurial ecosystem. This newsletter is a great way for alumni and other members of the entrepreneurship iniative to stay in touch and up to date.

The Weekly Bulletin

StartupHoyas offers a weekly bulletin for updates about on-campus activities, events and current information about the entrepreneurship initiative. The bulletin is ideal for students and faculty involved with StartupHoyas on the Georgetown campus, as well as members of the StartupHoyas community located in the DC area.


StartupHoyas is the hub of the Georgetown Entrepreneurship Initiative – a community of students, faculty, alumni with an interest in entrepreneurship and a desire to connect with the broader world of entrepreneurship advocates. We host a range of programs and events throughout the year and invite you to become an active member of this thriving network.

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