Georgetown University & 1776

Georgetown University is proud to announce a partnership with 1776, a global entrepreneurship hub based in DC.  Through the partnership, Georgetown students, faculty, and staff will have access to reserved space at the 1776 campus and can connect with the robust community of startup activity located there, including mentorship, corporate connections, and access to events featuring local and global startup communities.

The partnership is spearheaded by the Georgetown Entrepreneurship Initiative in concert with the McDonough School of Business, Law Center, School of Continuing Studies, and the Office of Community Engagement.

About 1776

1776 is a platform to reinvent the world by connecting the hottest startups with the resources they need to excel. From its Campus a few blocks from the White House, 1776 serves as a global hub for startups tackling major challenges in education, energy, health care, government, and other critical industries. 1776 startups receive mentorship, corporate connections, access to capital, media attention, and a pipeline of top talent—the raw materials critical for innovators to succeed. More information about 1776 can be found at

Get Involved

Just go!
1133 15th St. NW
Take the G2 or D6 bus – both drop you off seconds away! The G2 picks up at the front gates, and the D6 picks up on Reservoir Road.
Just check in at the front desk, tell them you’re a Georgetown student, head to the 12th floor (penthouse level), and find a place to work!