The Entrepreneur in Residence (EiR) and Entrepreneurial Advisor Program is one of the primary ways that we connect the Georgetown campus to the “real world” of entrepreneurship. These accomplished entrepreneurs are on campus and “on call” throughout the term to act as mentors and coaches to students. Come meet them at our weekly chalk talks, or reach out and schedule a meeting/call – they are ready and willing to help. The profiles are listed below – click on the photo for their bios and contact details.

EiR Office Hours are Open for 2017! Click below to make an appointment today.

Entrepreneurs in Residence (EiRs)


  • Shye Gilad

    Expertise: Startups, Strategy, Leadership Development and Coaching, Commercial Aviation

  • John Jabara

    Expertise: Pharma/Biotech, Cleantech/Sustainability, Healthcare, Retail, Enterprise, and Residential Real Estate

  • Mike Malloy

    Expertise: Social Entrepreneurship, Business Development, Pitching and Fundraising

  • Peter Mellen

    Expertise: Publishing, Online Media, Commercial Real Estate, E-Learning , New Product Development, New Venture Creation and Financing

  • Meghan Roman

    Expertise: Branding, Messaging, Press Relations, PR strategy, Venture Capital

  • Mark J. Silverman

    Expertise: Tech and Non-Tech Startups, International Matters, Organizational Development, Business Development

  • Marc Steren

    Expertise: Startups, Customer Discovery and Design Thinking, Product Positioning

  • Dave Terzian

    Expertise: Franchising, Foodservice, Real Estate Entrepreneurship, Structuring Deals

  • S. Tien Wong

    Expertise: Technology Services and Startups, CRM (customer relationship management), Middle Market Buyouts, Venture Capital, Business strategy, Entrepreneurship

  • Maxim Wheatley

    EXPERTISE: Product Development, Intellectual Property, and Business Development

Experts On Call (EoCs)


  • Jenny Abramson

    Expertise: Social Impact Tech, Education, Personal Data, and Media

  • Rahul Bhandari

    Expertise: Starting and Scaling Businesses, Product Development, Business Development, Team Development, and Fundraising

  • Paul Centenari

    Expertise: Sales, Manufacturing, Operations/Logistics, Venture Finance, and Personal Development

  • Shaun Johnson

    Expertise: Technology Startups and Startup Accelerators, Seed Stage Investment, Product/Concept Development, IT Analytics

  • Ryan Kuder

    Expertise: Business Development, Venture Capital, Product Marketing, Marketing Strategy, Strategy/Operations

  • Jill Monk

    Expertise: Business Development, New Ventures, Strategy/Operations

  • K. Shelly Porges

    Expertise: Business Strategy, Product and Marketing Strategy, Public-Private Partnerships, Business Development, Entrepreneurship Ecosystems, Social Enterprises, Global Entrepreneurship

  • Pat Sheridan

    Expertise: Innovation in Large Organizations, Mobile Development, Web Development, Startup Management, Leadership Development

  • Cherian Thomas

    Expertise: Mobile, Tech, Fundraising, Sales, Customer Acquisition Strategy

  • Hank Torbert

    Expertise: Private Equity, Business Development, Corporate Finance, Operational Management, Mergers and Roll-Up Opportunities

  • Rick Toren

    Expertise: Hospital and Medical Device Development, Healthcare Technology, Healthcare Management, Business Development, Startups

  • Jaime Vasquez

    Expertise: Marketing, Sales, Business Development, Operations, and Leadership

  • Sara Zulkosky

    Expertise: Renewable Energy, Venture Capital, Life Sciences