Georgetown University’s McDonough School of Business was proud to host the 2012 Global Consortium of Entrepreneurship Centers Conference, bringing together hundreds of the world’s leading entrepreneurship center directors.

Awards & Recognitions

In 2012 Georgetown University received the prestigious ENTREPRENEURIAL LEADERSHIP award from the GCEC.



Conference Details

The conference featured a diversity of speakers and presentations on innovative new techniques and strategies for teaching entrepreneurship and building strong startup communities.

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  • What works, and what doesn’t work in entrepreneurship education
  • Cutting edge curricula
  • Best practices for fundraising
  • Techniques for managing adjunct faculty, engaging tenure/tenure-track faculty
  • Strategies for kicking off new entrepreneurship centers
  • Growth ideas for established centers
  • Effective strategies in an environment of scarce resources and declining budgets
  • How can governments and NGOs most effectively impact the growth of entrepreneurship activity, in the U.S. and worldwide?


  • Highly interactive roundtable discussions
  • Plenary sessions in a quick-hitting, high-impact, “TED Talks” style
  • Facilitated breakout sessions on topics of high interest
  • Significant networking opportunities to discover valuable connections
  • Conference Lounge open all day to facilitate impromptu discussions
  • Presentations by GCEC Award Winners and Nominees
  • Gala and awards program to celebrate excellence
  • Optional pre-conference orientation session for newer GCEC members: “How to Get the Most Value from GCEC”

About GCEC

The Global Consortium of Entrepreneurship Centers (GCEC), formerly the National Consortium of Entrepreneurship Centers (NCEC), was founded in 1996. The intent of the organization is to provide a coordinated vehicle through which participating members can collaborate and communicate on the specific issues and challenges confronting university-based entrepreneurship centers.

The GCEC current membership totals 200+ university-based entrepreneurship centers ranging in age from well established and nationally ranked to new and emerging centers. Each year a global conference is held on the campus of an GCEC member school. In past years the host universities have included: University of Maryland, University of Southern California, Ball State University, Wake Forest University, Babson College, Texas Christian University, University of Portland, University of North Carolina- Chapel Hill, the collaborative Midwest effort of Northern Kentucky University, University of Cincinnati, and University of Dayton, Syracuse University, University of Arizona, Rice University, Pennsylvania State University, USC, and Georgetown University. The conference, which is held in October of each year, continues to be the major focal point for the organization.