Leonsis Prize Winners

2016-2017 Leonsis Prize Recipients

Adlumin, Inc., founded by Robert Johnston (MBA‘19), received $15,000. Adlumin is revolutionizing the way corporations secure sensitive data and intellectual property while achieving compliance objectives.

Connect.ed, founded by Monica Perez (MSFS-MALAS‘16), received $15,000. Connect.ed is a chat-based mobile app that provides virtual mentors for high school students by connecting them in real-time to current college students at any campus across the United States.

Coyotea, LLC founded by Nicholas William De Gregorio (B-SFS’18), Matthew Harb (B’17), and Christian Hyland (B’17) received $8,000.

Edgies Poster Hangers by dSBrands, founded by Armando Soto (SFS’18), received $8,000.

Elephant Honey, LLC, founded by Anna Lauchnor (COL’17), Alexandra Lonner (COL’18), Nina Livermore (COL’17), and Daniel Fields (COL’18) received $1,000.

Fat Cat, founded by James McNamara (L’16), received $1,000. It is a platform to enable federal, state, and local government employees to more effectively negotiate salary increases.

Hemeos, founded by John Fernandez (MBA’16), Doug Grant (MBA’16), and Craig Poland (MBA’16), received $20,000.  It is an independent blood stem cell registry focused on finding donors for African American, Asian, and Hispanic blood cancer patients.

Misfit Juicery, founded by Ann Yang (SFS’16) and Phil Wong (SFS’15), received $30,000. Misfit Juicery combats food waste by turning cosmetically defective fruits and vegetables, as well as surplus scrap products, into cold-pressed juice. More than 50 stores in the District of Columbia and New York City currently carry Misfit products, and Yang and Wong plan to use the prize money to redesign their packaging.

MicroCoaching, founded by Emre Ruhi (MBA’17), Dwight Stalls (MBA’17), and Dan Tasch (MBA’17), received $1,000.

Sunniva Caffe, founded by Jake DeCicco (B’16), received $1,000.