MBA Entrepreneurship Track

The MBA Entrepreneurship Track (see modules below) is designed for McDonough MBA students with a strong entrepreneurial interest, but that interest is not limited to being the founder of a company while in school. Students’ intended career path may be one of the following:

  • Starting a company (or non-profit venture) immediately during/after school – or at some point later in their career
  • Joining the management team of an existing start-up or emerging growth venture, including but not limited to those in the vibrant Washington, DC technology sector
  • Being part of entrepreneurial efforts within a larger, existing organization (sometimes referred to as “intrapreneurship”)
  • A role that requires close interaction with and understanding of entrepreneurs, such as venture capital, consulting, investment banking, or private wealth management
Mod 1
STRT 580 – Understanding Entrepreneurship

Jeff Reid (Day)

STRT 582 – Lean Startup Principles

J Gamble, Jean Rossauer (Evening)

Mod 2
STRT 576 – Seed Investment Practicum

Jim Hunt, Steve Goldenberg (Evening)

Mod 3
Spring ILE – Startup Factory

Eric Koester

STRT 587 – Ready to Launch

Shye Gilad, Alyssa Lovegrove (Evening)

FINC 576 – Entrepreneurial Finance

Sandeep Dahiya (Day and Evening)

Mod 4
Spring ILE – Startup Factory

Eric Koester

STRT 589 – Beyond the Startup: Managing for Growth

J Gamble, Jean Rosauer (Evening)

STRT 580 – Understanding Entrepreneurship

Jeff Reid (Night)

Entrepreneurship Related Courses

The following courses have a broader application but are recommended for students interested in entrepreneurship:

Available in Fall 2016 –

Available in Spring 2017 –