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The MVP Workshop Series is a highly practical series of 4 workshops designed to help entrepreneurs use and apply the “Lean” methodology at the very early stages of starting a company (utilizing rapid iteration, hypothesis testing, customer discovery and minimum viable products). This series will teach you how to go from idea to validated concept to a prototype (Minimum Viable Product). This series is “hands on” learning, so bring your startup idea, concept or team to maximize the experience.  Led by startup guru Eric Koester, the series is open to all Georgetown students free of charge.

Workshop Recordings

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Session 1
Session 2
Session 3
Session 4

MVP 101: Lean Entrepreneur: Applying the principles of lean

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MVP 102: Creating a Minimum Viable Company: Lean Naming, Lean Logoing and Lean Teaming

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MVP 103: Building your MVP – How to create a product without (or with minimal) technical skills

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MVP 104: Creating MVPs on Web and Mobile

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About Eric Koester

Eric Koester photoContact:

Eric Koester is a major force in the startup world. He is an entrepreneur first — currently building and launching a new technology startup developing ‘big data’ tools for the small business economy. However, Eric also devotes his free time to the startup community including serving as an adjunct professor of entrepreneurship at Georgetown University and on the board of UP Global and Startup Weekend. He has worked extensively with Steve Blank and Bob Dorf to develop and launch new curricula in the customer discovery and lean principles arenas.

Previously, Eric cofounded Zaarly, a marketplace to discover and work with local small businesses and service providers, named one of the Fifty Most Innovative Companies in the World by Fast Company. He’s been an executive at Appature Inc., a venture-backed, cloud-based relationship marketing software company acquired by IMS in 2013 and was a corporate and securities attorney at Cooley LLP, focused on high growth startups, venture capital funds, private equity and technology companies. He’s also founded and run companies in the productivity sector (Learn that Name, acquired by Blackberry in 2010), the environmental consultancy sector, web development and others.

Eric was named one of the “40 Under 40” in Washington, DC in 2012 and has written several books on startups and technology including The Green Entrepreneur Handbook (CRC Press 2011) and Starting a High Tech Business Venture (Taylor & Francis 2010). He holds a JD from The George Washington University School of Law, BA in Business Administration from Marquette University and is a certified public accountant in the State of Washington.