By: Joseph Hwang

Cole MacKenzie (COL ’14) is a recent Georgetown University graduate who shares a passion for entrepreneurship and creativity. While at Georgetown, Cole pursued a Classics major and enrolled in many philosophy classes, while interning at a variety of places including a law office and Major League Baseball (MLB).

Post-graduation and searching for a career path he could be passionate about, a golden opportunity fell on his lap. Cole was asked to work for We Are Social, a social media marketing agency. While working at this startup, he realized that he enjoyed the entrepreneurial environment, motivated by the fast pace, clear goals, and energy of the workplace – he loved being a part of everything in the business. After his experience at We Are Social, Cole is currently seeking opportunities at other social media & data related startups.

After reflecting on his experience, Cole has three major pieces of advice to offer to anyone looking to work at a startup:

  1. Assume that there is no financial reward for working at the company and ask yourself if you are still interested and motivated. This is essential because you can learn skills on the job, but you can’t learn interest and passion.
  2. Students should take complete advantage of their college environment. It will be difficult to come across a setting with so many people who are the same age and hold the same interests. Always look to interact with others and get involved.
  3. Read, read, read – it doesn’t matter what it is, just read.

If you have any questions or would like to reach out Cole, you can send him an email at: