What is the Yellow House for Entrepreneurship?

Starting in 2017, the Georgetown Entrepreneurship Initiative will take over the yellow townhouse located at 1239 37th Street NW (see photo abve) – right across the street from Lauinger Library. Six students will live in the house, and the common areas (living room, dining room, patio) will become a gathering place for various entrepreneurial activities throughout the school year.

Who will live there?

The Georgetown Entrepreneurship Initiative will select six students to live in the house. There are three bedrooms with two people in each. All six students must be juniors or seniors.

What about gender?

The house is configured so that it may house 4 students of one gender and 2 of another, with separate keys and bathrooms for each gender. Or all 6 could be the same gender.

Is the house nice to live in?

Yes. Students who have visited the house have said “this is like the Taj Mahal compared to Village A or other housing.” The bedrooms are relatively large and the entire house was renovated within the last two years.

What is the timeline for selection?

Deadline for application is March 15. Our target is to inform students of their selection by March 23.

Can I choose my own roommate?

Yes. In fact, GEI prefers that students apply as a “roommate pair.” If the person you want to room with is not involved or interested in entrepreneurship, that’s OK – just indicate that in the application. That person might still live in the house, just not at a discounted rate.

How does the housing discount work?

The standard rate to live in this townhouse is $11,750 per student (already a sweet deal to live in a townhouse). Each of the three bedrooms should have at least one student who will help lead some community-building entrepreneurship activities in the house. In return for their efforts (estimated 10 hours per week), those students will get half-price housing in a great location ($5,875 for the year – the deal gets even better). If both roommates help us, both get the discount. If one roommate is not interested in helping run entrepreneurship programs, they can live there but simply do not get the housing discount.

What are these community-building activities?

You get to help us figure that out! We can imagine using the Yellow House for things such as: StartupHoyas club meetings & activities; meetings with mentors/entrepreneurs in residence, and incubator activities, but that’s just the beginning. Our goal for the house is to create a space to help grow the entrepreneurship community and culture at Georgetown. The students who live there will get to help us try new things and figure it out.

What are the expectations of living in the Yellow House?

All residents will need to follow all University, Residential Living & Code of Student Conduct policies. In addition, all residents will be expected to allow for community activities in the common space. The students receiving housing discounts will be expected to work up to 10 hours per week helping manage the common spaces (keeping it clean, setting up for events/meetings, etc.) and otherwise helping the Entrepreneurship Initiative.

How will you select the residents?

This is our first time doing this, so we’re not 100% sure. Preference will likely be given to students who:
• can demonstrate their interest and enthusiasm for entrepreneurship and community-building
• apply as a roommate pair (even if one roommate isn’t going to help with the entrepreneurship stuff)
• are willing to be flexible and experiment with new things

What else should I know?

This is our first time doing this, so please bear with us as we iron out whatever wrinkles appear in the process. We are excited about creating this space for the Georgetown entrepreneurship community to gather, and we welcome a willingness to try new things and thrive even with ambiguity.