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Hiring Organization: Turntable

Job Title: Fall/Spring and Summer Internship

Industry: Media

Contact Name: Andrew King

Contact Email: andrew.charles.king@gmail.com

About the hiring organization:

We are launching a digital media startup in Washington, D.C. We hope to bring a new voice/perspective to the media area. It will predominantly be video based while covering various topics and subjects using a few distribution platforms. We expect to launch in the next few weeks.

Full internship description:

We are actively considering interns for the following areas: 1) communication/journalism (both in-front/behind the camera) but with opportunities to help guide messaging/topic coverage and liaising between various thought-leaders 2) public relations and social media/marketing, 3) web and graphic design, 4) computer science, 5) data science/data visualization, 6) video production and editing, and 7) script writing.

If interested, please reach out to me directly (andrew.charles.king@gmail.com) and include the following information: 1) Subject area(s) of interest and what you would like to take from the experience (this is crucial) 2) Availability (realistic approximation of the amount of time you’d be willing to commit on a weekly basis) factoring in ability to travel to either travel to downtown Washington, D.C. or, alternatively, perhaps, some work that is remote 3) Resume/summary of the skills and/or focused interests that you believe might be particularly relevant

Internship requirements:

Enthusiasm and, depending on the specific role, some exposure to the area of interest.

Hiring Period: Fall, Spring, Summer

Location: WeWork, Washington, D.C.

Hours per Week: 2-15

Compensation: Unpaid

Application Due Date: ASAP

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