Anyone’s Learning Experience (ALEX) Engineer/Developer

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Hiring Organization: Anyone’s Learning Experience (ALEX)

Internship Title: Engineer/Developer

Industry: Education

Contact Name: Sergio Marrero

Contact Email:

About the hiring organization:
ALEX is an online marketplace of in-person courses for career advancement. We connect people to the empty seats in courses across colleges, universities, and training programs. In a world where we can place people in empty seats in cars, ALEX places people in empty seats in college classrooms. ALEX empowers professionals to learn exactly what they want, when they want, and as they can afford it – connecting people to the experience and network for career advancement. Learners control their education by selecting courses that fit their budget, schedule, and goals. Schools monetize their excess capacity that would have otherwise been wasted, increase access to more prospective students, and offer micro-credentials on the way to obtaining a traditional degree. Employers can subsidize classes for employees as a method of reducing internal training costs while improving employee development and retention. ALEX makes the knowledge and community of higher education more accessible for all.

Full internship description:

Call for Startup Interns to Revolutionize Higher Education Interested in joining a startup in EdTech for this year? Here’s your shot! You’ll get exposure to prototyping, social media marketing, fundraising, design thinking methodologies, marketing and sales. This will help if you decide to start your own company in the future. Our team can share their experience from MassChallenge, Start-Up Chile, the Harvard iLab VIP Program, and countless hackathons. ALEX, Anyone’s Learning Experience, is revolutionizing higher education. We are a marketplace for learning where you can purchase one course at a time. Technology exists to place people in empty seats in cars and empty beds in houses; why not empty seats in classrooms? Over 60% of people in the U.S. (over the age of 25) have not been to college, many because they can’t afford it and have to work to support their families. We are allowing them to take in-person courses one at a time from across universities. We currently have partnerships with two universities. Our goals are to (1) make higher education more accessible by seeing the cost of courses from different institutions side-by-side and making it easy to enroll in courses and (2) empower all learners to be in control of their learning experience, to learn what they want, when they want, and as they can afford it. Why should the best learning of your life only be a 2–4 year experience? Positions Below are the primary positions, as in any startup, they are subject to change. If you have ideas on a position that is not listed (or a combination of the skills needed) share that in your email to us. Hacker / Developer Do you like technical challenges and building something that has never been build before? We are looking specifically with individuals with a background in business intelligence, data wrangling, analytics and big data (consumer, web, social media, marketing analytics). Background in search engines a plus. Languages include Java and Python. You will be building a network that is going to connect higher education to work in a way that has never been done before. If that is of interest to you, message us. Growth Hacker A role for creative problem solvers that love tackling open ended challenges and have a combination of design, technical, and writing skills. This role is all about using marketing, campaigns, and media to effectively reach target customers. How can we get 1,000 of followers? Sign-ups? Sales? Emails? It may involved creating marketing material, distribution, blogging, and video editing. Create press releases. Opportunity to work directly with founding team to develop innovative marketing strategies, and assure consistent messaging across the team. For ALL Positions We are an early stage start-up with a mission of bringing affordable education to the world. If this mission resonates with you, apply. An excitement for startups, passion for making a difference, and a fun attitude are key. Our executive team are Harvard graduates who work hard, have fun, and above all want to make a positive impact. We plan to be working virtually or in person depending on the role. Potential travel may be required.

Degree Type: Undergraduate, Graduate

Internship Requirements:

REQUIRED SKILLS: – able to do data mining/scrapping – proficient in Python and/or other scripting languages – full stack engineering experience, with strong system fundamentals – experience developing Server-side code in PHP, Python, (Node.js), Go, Java – experience developing web applications using modern JavaScript frameworks + experience in building or working with e-commerce sites

Hiring Period: Spring, Summer

Location: Washington

Approximate Hours per Week: Part, 10-30

Compensation: Paid, Stipend, project based, depends on the role and hours

Application Due Date:  ASAP

How to Apply: Email with resume and describe why you are interested in us.

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