Groupify.Me Social Media Manager

 In Startup Hoyas

Hiring Organization: Groupify.Me

Internship Title: Social Media Manager

Industry: Tech

Contact Name: Torey Ortmayer

Contact Email:

About the hiring organization:
At Groupify.Me our core principles are centered around group thinking and experiences. We created a discovery platform (in the form of a mobile app and website) geared towards a users life-stage and lifestyle. Our product is connecting two synergistic communities: consumers and merchants. For consumers we are providing a simple solution to discover existing local products, services, and experiences based on their group’s characteristics and tendencies. For the merchants, we are addressing the need to mindfully and strategically advertise to specific market segments by “doing the dirty work” for them. Fundamentally, Groupify.Me is re-imagining Online-to-Offline commerce.

Full internship description:

Job Responsibilities: • Create content for posting to various Social Media accounts (Instagram, Facebook, Twitter) • Execute upon and update Social Media Campaigns • Schedule posts with Social Media Scheduling platforms (buffer, hootsuite, etc.) • Monitor Analytics to evaluate engagement and isolate best posting tactics • Keep up to date and implement best practices for social marketing • Isolate and coordinate with local influencers and hyper-local content creators • Help promote the Student IDeals brand and App Qualifications: • Excellent communication and organizational skills • Professional demeanor and good attitude • Social Media experience / knowledge of best practices • Ability to use Adobe Suite products (or equal substitute) • iPhone or iPad access Preferred Skills: marketing experience, proficiency at Adobe Suite products (or equal substitute), brand ambassador / brand marketing experience. At a minimum prolific experience with social media for driving group activities (club, sorority, cause you care about, etc.)

Degree Type: Undergraduate, Graduate

Internship Requirements: Mastery of the English Language with strong communication skills -Proficiency with Social Media (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram)

Hiring Period: Spring, Summer

Location: Washington

Approximate Hours per Week: Part, 10-12

Compensation: Unpaid

Application Due Date:  3/16/2017

How to Apply: email Torey Ortmayer at a 1 page resume and cover letter indicating your interest in the position, including your social media handles to be reviewed

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