Justiquity Marketplace/Biz Dev Intern & Technology Intern

 In Startup Hoyas

Hiring Organization: Justiquity (MyLawsuit.com, LawyerIQ)

Internship Title: Marketplace/Biz Dev Intern & Technology Intern

Industry: Tech Legal

Contact Name: Michele Colucci

Contact Email: michele@mylawsuit.com

About the hiring organization:

Justiquity is a social empowerment network that operates marketplaces in law to connect people and companies to lawyers and law firms for their specific legal needs through big data algorithms, and powers the technology to help them negotiate legal fee arrangements. MyLawsuit.com is the consumer portal for contingency fee matters. LawyerIQ is set to launch shortly and powers enterprise. We also license our platform for other marketplaces.

Full internship description:

Marketplace/Biz Dev Intern: 1) Project A: Creating marketing materials for consumers and non-profits. Reaching out to these groups through social media, through direct biz dev contact, algorithms and through grass roots marketing to connect, communicate and close partnerships and new clients. 2) Project B: Setting up marketplace to get members talking; create video content, create information/writing content, use tools like Hootsuite to set up outreach across social media platforms to get the word out and expand the audience. Connect to market leaders and build ‘expert’ network for regular contributions to community. Tech Intern: 1. Project A: Work on iPhone integration for app with immediate notifications 2. Project B: Test, tweak and launch validation software for lawyer checks 3. Project C: Use our software, and add your own changes (LAMP stack) for auto website creation and outreach for our 500+ URL’s.

Degree Type: Undergraduate, Graduate

Internship Requirements:

Marketing/Biz Dev Internship: Must be articulate, self starter, passionate, creative and an independent thinker. Responsive to deadlines. Communicative if you need something. Interested in positive social impact businesses. Tech Intern: Must be proficient in LAMP stack, and/or iPhone development. Android a plus. Previous marketplace experience also a plus but not necessary. Independent worker, good with deadlines. Serious.

Hiring Period: Spring, Summer

Location: Remote ok during school year. Summer remote also ok if person is serious and can work independently. Travel to Silicon Valley for some/all summer also a plus for us both.

Approximate Hours per Week: 
part time during school: Hours flexible but minimum 10. Summer time p/t or f/t. 15+ hours / week possible.

Compensation:Paid, Stipend of $100 a week

Application Due Date: 3/1/2017

How to Apply: Please send resume and cover letter to Michele@MyLawsuit.com Put “Georgetown Internship” in subject line. Upon successful completion of project, or succession of projects, intern will receive a letter of recommendation from CEO. Introductions in area of interest during course of internship possible if local to help with project. Our investors/advisors are some of the most successful in the Valley. Please see www.mylawsuit.com website to view advisor/investor list. We are very good at helping our interns to learn as they work. We mentor (CEO mentors and guest lectures at Stanford on entrepreneurship and global marketing in engineering school) and we facilitate appropriate introductions. CEO serves as an Advisor on many student startups and is open to reciprocating if intern is serious and productive. Can lead to full time paid position at graduation.

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