Leon Rosen Marketing Intern

 In Startup Hoyas

Hiring Organization: Leon Rosen

Internship Title: Marketing Internship

Industry: Health and Safety

Contact Name: Leon Rosen

Contact Email: lrosen2312@gmail.com

About the hiring organization:

I am an individual with a US Patent intended to prevent assaults on all women, and to stop hands on confrontations between law enforcement and the public worldwide.

Full internship description:

I am offering an unpaid, pro bono opportunity for a visionary, preferably a female graduate business school student, to get involved in becoming a principal in my company. This is a raw start up with a US Patent. The resulting device of the patent is intended to stop assaults, muggings, rapes, and murders of women worldwide. The patent introduces new concepts in personal protection and assault prevention – it will stop assaults and attacks on women runners and pedestrians – before they ever happen.

Degree Type: Graduate

Internship Requirements:

Candidates must be visionary dreamers with a desire to have an impact on the safety of the worldwide female society (and have an interest in making a fortune by the age of 30).

Hiring Period: Spring

Location: Remote

Approximate Hours per Week: Flexible, Part Time

Compensation: a percentage of ownership equity position in the company – compensation based on results.

Application Due Date: ASAP

How to Apply: Contact me by email at Lrosen2312@gmail.com

Additional Info: This is a really dream opportunity for a person with a visionary outlook on life who can see the potential value of the company once formed, and who wants an opportunity to do something for yourself and for women worldwide. I promise you nothing but honesty and a chance to improve and grow your life at an early stage and to benefit from it forever. I spent $20,000 getting my patent. My son Jacob (age 25) will be involved with the company after the company is formed and successful. I am 77 and want to go forward. My idea will save and change lives, maybe even win the Nobel Peace Prize. Welcome to my world.

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