Sapien Labs Research and Product Marketing Intern

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Hiring Organization: Sapien Labs

Internship Title: Research and Product Marketing Interns

Industry: Neurotechnology

Contact Name: Susan Williams

Contact Email:

About the hiring organization:

Sapien Labs is a start-up non-profit/for profit hybrid that is building a platform for large scale aggregation and analysis of human brain data as well as applications for neurodiagnostics and wearable brain health tracking. Visit us on the web at

Full internship description:

Research Interns Interns will work with consumer and research grade brain recording devices to conduct experiments and gather data that will feed into our product design. This involves recruiting participants, performing the data collection and doing some analysis. Our primary requirements are enthusiasm, a general ease with consumer electronic devices, a strong interest in brain health and quantified-self activities and a diligent approach to data collection. Some background in neuroscience would be helpful but is not essential. Likewise an ability to code in R would be great and enable participation in research analysis but is not required. Students will learn about the EEG and various aspects of brain health. The work can also serve as a research project for a class in a related area. Product/ Product Marketing Interns Interns will test out our products in development and provide suggestions for product improvements as well as think through and experiment with marketing and community building activities. Here we are looking for people with a business orientation with a strong interest in the wearable/fitness/brain training and related space. Students will have the opportunity to research and understand the market in the brain health area and evaluate business opportunity. The work can also serve as a project for a class in a related area.

Degree Type: Undergraduate, Graduate

Internship Requirements:
Interest in neuroscience and wearable technology

Hiring Period: Spring

Location: Arlington, VA 22202

Approximate Hours per Week: Part, 15


Application Due Date:  ASAP

How to Apply: 
Send resume to Susan Williams

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