Soundwise Inc. Cofounder/Collaborator

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Hiring Organization: Soundwise Inc.

Internship Title: Cofounder/Collaborator

Industry: Mobile Application/Media

Contact Name: Natasha Che

Contact Email:

About the hiring organization:
Soundwise is a mobile marketplace startup for on-demand audio courses in business and personal development. With the rise of smartphones and the culture of multitasking, audio is becoming a mainstream format of media consumption. (If you are a fan of audiobooks and podcasts, you know what we mean.) But unlike print and visual media, the availability of educational content via audio is much smaller in both quality and quantity. Soundwise aims to close this gap. Its mission is to empower everyone to learn new things on the go, while allowing business and personal development experts to monetize their knowledge by creating and selling audio courses on the platform. Soundwise is started by Natasha Che, a Georgetown alum. She has years of experience in content creation for print, visual, and audio media. She hosts the Founders Nextdoor podcast and is a columnist for Huffington Post, YourTango, and She has a PhD in Economics and advanced training credentials in software engineering.

Full internship description:
Soundwise is looking for two cofounders/collaborators to lead 1) content creation and acquisition 2) marketing and outreach Both roles require a passion for creating educational content, people skills, innovative problem-solving skills, and substantial entrepreneurial drive. It’s ok if you can only work part time, as long as you are committed to the project and can devote at least 20 hours/week working on it. The payment is in sweat equity only. Responsibilities: Cofounder for content creation/acquisition: 1. coming up with creative ideas for audio courses 2. designing and writing curriculums for original courses 3. editing and producing new courses 4. reaching out to experts and scouting for contents 5. helping experts create their own courses Cofounder for marketing/outreach: 1. gaining press and creating brand awareness for the platform 2. expanding Soundwise’s social media presence 3. developing and distributing contents for online marketing 4. finding and reaching out to potential partners for collaboration 5. leading any other activities to promote the Soundwise platform

Degree Type: Undergraduate, Graduate

Internship Requirements:
Qualifications: 1. ability to hustle, collaborate, adapt, and take risks 2. belief in Soundwise’s mission and commitment to devote at least 20 hours/week to the project 3. a passion for content creation and entrepreneurship 4. excellent written and verbal communication skills 5. a background in education or media a plus 6. previous startup working experience a plus

Hiring Period: Fall, Spring, Summer

Location: Washington, DC

Approximate Hours per Week: Part, 20

Compensation: Paid, sweat equity only

Application Due Date:  3/28/17

How to Apply: If interested, email Natasha Che at, with your CV and/or LinkedIn profile

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