Studio Blu Virtual Accounts Assistant

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Hiring Organization: Studio Blu

Internship Title: Virtual Accounts Assistant

Industry: Personal Care

Contact Name: Jackie Bakalarski

Contact Email:

About the hiring organization:
Studio Blu is a Bay Area startup with an acne clinic and a skin care line looking to scale and grow. This is a great opportunity to provide great value-add to a Bay Area founder and get paid.

Full internship description:

Studio Blu, a Bay Area personal care and acne clinic startup, is looking for help about 10-12 hours per month. Jackie Bakalarski (M’18) worked with the founder, Cora, since Jan 2016. The internship is paid ahead of time on a per month basis and then the intern works as needed. Cora will request a task or two a week that you can squeeze in whenever convenient. An intern doesn’t need to have a day or block of time for Cora, but just be able to squeeze in about 3 hours a week whenever convenient. Pay is about $20-25/hour and is a great supplemental job to have during the semester. This work will provide exposure to many systems and strategies used in the startup world: – Many enterprise software systems used in the startup world (BigCommerce, Shoppify,, SquareSpace, etc.). Speaking to these systems can be highly useful in interviews with other startups and VCs. – SEO improvements and analytics, blogging, social media advertising, Mailchimp creation, and other classic marketing work for startups – Management of the online store and website, improving the shop and landing pages to attract more customers – Product launch and management. Cora is in process of releasing her own product line and her previous intern was involved in the design, sourcing and launch of the new product line. This is a great opportunity to earn a little extra each month without a huge commitment, get exposure to startup operations especially marketing, and be able to put work with a Bay Area founder on your resume. If you are interested, please contact Jackie Bakalarski at or 614-620-6858 by February 23rd.

Degree Type: Undergraduate, Graduate

Internship Requirements:

Flexibility and adaptability Interest in startups, personal care, or marketing Responsive and a good communicator Solutions oriented, wanting to improve things even when not asked Proactive and always looking for how you can add additional value above and beyond what required This internship and work schedule is unlike most others. It’s very flexible, but task based. Must be able to work remotely on a sporadic schedule with a founder in the PST time zone. No block schedule is needed or specific time set apart to work with the founder. Instead, a responsive and flexible person is required for this position. She is very flexible and not demanding, but just needs to be communicated with. The cadence of the work will depend on her needs. She will likely text or email you a task, and it is required you respond back to her within 3 hours with acknowledgement of the task and an expected time you will be finished with the task. Usually 1-3 days is an acceptable range for the task, and you can take care of it virtually within your free time. You will keep track of your own hours and send Cora a weekly report of how many hours you’ve used and what you worked on. She will pay you in a monthly payment at the beginning of the month. It is your responsibility to remind her when her hours are about to expire and to try to use them up before the end of the month.

Hiring Period: Spring, Summer

Location: Washington

Approximate Hours per Week: Part, 3

Compensation: Paid, on a monthly basis ahead of time; about $20 per hour

Application Due Date:  2/23/2017

How to Apply: Email for details

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