Columbia Associates in Psychiatry Internship

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Hiring Organization: Columbia Associates in Psychiatry

Internship Title: Business Development/Marketing Specialist

Industry: Medical

Contact Name: AJ Yamin

Contact Email:

About the hiring organization:
Background Columbia Associates​ in Psychiatry is the largest and oldest child and family psychiatric practice in the Washington Metropolitan Area. Our group of psychiatrists, psychologists, advanced practice nurses, social workers, and dieticians at locations in Virginia and Maryland have exceptional experience working with children, adolescents, adults, and families with a range of disorders. The clinicians at Columbia Associates partner with patients through the course of evaluation and treatment. This allows for understanding of needs, the most effective treatment options, and support in efforts toward improving health. Our primary relationship is with the patient, not with insurance companies, but we understand financial and insurance considerations that impact patient decisions. Most practices are individual providers who have specific focus areas around their individual areas of expertise. Our wider base of medical professionals enable us to treat patients without having any specific area drop off. Overview of Services Traditional Psychiatry and Therapy Our breadth and depth of offerings serve to distinguish our traditional range of services. Those services include both outpatient talk/medication therapy and in-patient/partial hospital services for both adults and children. NeuroStar TMS Therapy NeuroStar TMS Therapy is a new treatment cleared by the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) for patients suffering from depression who have not achieved satisfactory improvement from prior antidepressant treatment. TMS stands for “transcranial magnetic stimulation.” We achieve distinctly better results because we have psychiatric nurses administering the treatment instead of technicians. Perinatal Project We launched this program 3 years ago to specifically focus on pregnant/new mothers as most OBGYNs don’t want to address psychiatric issues and traditional psychiatric practices don’t want to treat pregnant women. Eating Disorders (Coming Soon) We are planning on launching a focus on eating disorders to enable a more holistic treatment plan (vs. traditional practices that solely focus on eating disorders).

Full internship description:

1. Website Update a. Ensure both cosmetic/aesthetic cohesion and that communication points align with current business initiatives 2. Create/launch peer medical professional referrals (non-psychiatric) a. Who is currently referring patients to us i. Digital patient registration process ii. Flows directly into our marketing software 3. Awareness of the services that we offer a. Create and launch peer independent psychiatrists (Most Difficult) b. Self-referral program c. Word-of-mouth referrals 4. Establish Marketing Budget a. Determine long-term marketing budget as a percent of revenue i. Quantify how much to spend on acquiring one new patient ii. Quantify out of ten patients, how many are long-term and how many short term. iii. Establish how to distribute marketing budget across different channels (Instagram – Facebook – Google ads – mailings etc), how to evaluate effectiveness of marketing dollars spent and create budgets by Service type (e.g. TMS patients are worth more) 5. Establish overall Branding to make the brand do the work. Shift from credit going to ‘Gary Spivack’ to ‘Columbia Associates’

Degree Type: Undergraduate, Graduate

Internship Requirements:

Bachelor’s degree in related field, including marketing or business administration Experience with steadily increasing responsibility in marketing at a corporation, agency, or significant organization Extensive experience with campaign planning, digital marketing, and database management Ability to write compellingly for the web, social networks, and other digital media Experience with SEO/online optimization Proficiency in website and social media management with experience in digital creation and editing (graphics, images, etc.) Proficiency in email marketing and email engine software Demonstrated ability to collect, analyze, synthesize, and report/present data Advanced Excel skills and experience working with various business applications such as Salesforce Experience and comfort with PowerPoint and InDesign Ability to develop relationships across offices, teams, and all levels, including executives and external partners Strong ability to “manage up” to drive process and compliance Capable of identifying and implementing necessary innovations to processes and systems Exceptional business-related written and verbal communication capabilities Well-established organization, multitasking and prioritization skills – strong attention to detail Demonstrated initiative and resourcefulness, as well as poise and grace under pressure Motivated professional with the ability to think both strategically and creatively, and then to flawlessly execute tactics Demonstrated ability to manage projects and processes from start to finish, including ongoing analysis of impact and results Proactive, well-organized and able to lead multiple efforts Our Core Competencies [Service Excellence] The ability to provide excellent service, including being able to address complex service matters, implement and communicate service changes to everyone involved, and to coach teammates on how to apply the firm’s service standards [Project and Task Management] The ability to manage large-scale and cross-firm projects, including delegating and managing all resources, identifying and implementing improved processes, monitoring consistency across project teams, and providing direction and support to teammates [Stakeholder Management] The ability to facilitate and negotiate among stakeholders with conflicting needs and to generate consensus among decision makers [Communication] The ability to help effectively communicate difficult messages; to adapt style, tone, and content to meet various needs; and to coach teammates on crafting content. [Collaboration] The ability to work cooperatively and inclusively with others to achieve shared goals, including encouraging and facilitating effective compromise, drawing on the capabilities of all team members, and leading team-level knowledge sharing [Continuous Learning] The ability to use available resources and feedback to continually develop mastery in your role and facilitate team and project-level learning, including coaching others [Resourcefulness] The ability to solve complex challenges by identifying innovative solutions and facilitating coordination with other

Hiring Period: Fall , Spring, Summer

Location: Arlington, Virginia

Approximate Hours per Week: 15-30

Compensation: Paid

Application Due Date: 5/30/2018

How to Apply: please email the organization POC A.J. Yamin at

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