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Hiring Organization: Slipstream Capital, LLC

Internship Title: Associate / Analyst

Industry: Private Equity Search Fund

Contact Name: Dan McFarland

Contact Email:

About the hiring organization:

Slipstream Capital is a private equity search fund seeking to locate, acquire, manage and grow a privately held company with revenues between $10-30 million. Advised by Anacapa Partners, a leading investor in the search fund asset class, Slipstream integrates proven leadership, analytics and operational focus with disciplined investment criteria. Once acquired, Slipstream’s founder assumes the role of CEO while leveraging investor expertise to create value and sustainable growth. Slipstream seeks value by unlocking the power of individuals and synergy of high performing teams! Visit for more information.

Full internship description:

Search funds are not for everyone. Search and acquisition is an intense 12-month process driven by solid business analytics, strategic focus, continuous evaluation and the development of personal relationships across multiple industries and companies. Depending on timing and availability, interns will experience the following: • Industry and company analysis • Strategy development • Develop deal sources and deal flow through targeted outreach • Screen and qualify deals • Engage with potential sellers, including in-person meeting • Assess risks and opportunities of potential targets and generate target specific investment thesis • Value acquisition opportunities and assist in negotiating deals • Conduct due diligence • Structure and source capital • Plan transition with the seller’s team • Document and close the acquisition Interns will experience the search and acquisition phase of a search fund investment life cycle. Search entrepreneurs tend to be top-tier MBA graduates. Today, Anacapa Partners is expanding the model by mentoring a select group of high performing military leaders. Slipstream Capital will integrate best in class search techniques with proven operational experience. Interns will participate in strategy development, decision making, entrepreneurial stress and small team dynamics. Most importantly, interns will experience a start-up at the ground level. Make no mistake, this is not a glamorous opportunity. That said, this may be the best ETA (equity through acquisition) opportunity of the year.

Degree Type: Undergraduate

Internship Requirements:

Entrepreneurial spirit, drive, attention to detail, strong work ethic and desire to learn. Candidates must possess proven critical thinking and analytic skills with a solid understanding of finance, accounting and business operations. Candidates must be well organized and capable of functioning on their own and as part of a small multi-functional high-energy team. Candidates must be comfortable with multi-tasking and customer outreach while possessing strong written and verbal communications skills. Outgoing! Candidates will engage senior level CEOs and founders while building relationships across multiple industries. Unquestioned integrity, character and a strong desire to learn, grow and contribute! Highly encourage seeking academic credit.

Hiring Period:  Fall

Location: 950 N Washington St, Alexandria VA 22314 (10 min walk from Braddock Rd Metro)

Approximate Hours per Week: 10-15

Compensation: $10 per hour / flexible schedule / free pizza

Application Due Date: 6 August 2018

How to Apply: Email resume to Include short cover letter describing your interest in this opportunity.

Additional Notes: Recommend visiting website at

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