With the support of Georgetown’s McDonough School of Business, the Georgetown Entrepreneurship initiative enables students to see the world as entrepreneurs do, while providing the knowledge and skills they need to act on their insights and add value to society.

Under the banner of StartupHoyas, we provide a growing suite of academic, extracurricular, and off-campus programs, and connect our students to accomplished alumni, industry experts, entrepreneurs and business executives. Our mission is to create a culture of entrepreneurship throughout the Georgetown University community and to ensure that every graduate and undergraduate student has the opportunity to explore and experience what is means to behave like an entrepreneur.

At the Georgetown Entrepreneurship Initiative, we INSPIRE students by encouraging entrepreneurial thinking, TEACH students about entrepreneurship through the experiences of accomplished entrepreneurs, CONNECT students to a community of entrepreneurs and innovators on and off campus, and encourage students to LAUNCH new ventures.

Please direct all inquiries to startuphoyas@georgetown.edu.