Damian Saccocio is an Adjunct Professor at the McDonough School of Business. Specializing in technology strategies, Saccocio teaches a course on this topic that covers theory, history, and modern cases of industries undergoing rapid disruptive technological change.

Currently Saccocio works as the Co-founder and Principal at CourseGateway, an online education and collaboration technology company. Prior to CourseGateway, he had worked in the Advisory Group at Huron, as the Vice-President of Cloud Services. He has also worked at AOL, and holds the patent for the “AOL Wallet,” a host-based system for sharing personal information of a network user with the resources accessed by that network user.

Saccocio received his Ph.D in Management from Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, a Masters in Political Science from MIT and a BS in Computer Engineering from Ohio State University.