Jason Brennan

Jason Brennan is an Assistant Professor of strategy at the McDonough School of business, and of Economics, Ethics and Public Policy. His classes include:
Moral Foundations of Market Society
Social Responsibility of Business


Anthony Cook

Anthony Cook is a Professor of Law at Georgetown University Law School, with expertise in business organizations and securities regulation, civil rights and discrimination, constitutional law, religion and social welfare. His past courses include:
Community Economic Development and Corporate Law
Practicum on Law and Entrepreneurship
Democracy & Coercion


J. S. Gamble

J. S. Gamble is an Adjunct Professor of Strategy in the McDonough School of Business teaching entrepreneurship. His fields of expertise are Wireless and Broadband Telecom, and management consulting.

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Shye Gilad

Shye Gilad is an Adjunct Professor at the McDonough School of Business, specializing in entrepreneurial leadership, entrepreneurship, and innovation.  Shye teaches graduate level courses including:
Ready to Launch
Leading Change and Innovation
Executive Entrepreneurship and Innovation Residency
Executive Thinking: Applied Decision Making, Influence, and Motivation

James Hunt

James Hunt is an Adjunct Professor of Management and Strategy in the McDonough School of Business with more than 10 years of experience teaching entrepreneurship. He is also part of the Small Business Clinic on campus.


Eric Koester

Eric Koester is an Adjunct Professor at the McDonough School of Business teaching several MBA-level entrepreneurship classes:
Startup Factory
Customer Discovery MBA Tutorail
Lean Startup MBA Tutorial


Noah Mehrkam

Noah Mehrkam is an Adjunct Professor for Georgetown University’s graduate real estate program, where he teaches a course on Real Estate Entrepreneurship. His expertise lies in real estate development and land preservation.


Alicia Plerhoples

Alicia Plerhoples is an Associate Professor of Law at the Georgetown Law School, with expertise in business organization and securities regulation, and clinical education. Plerhoples’ research and teaching interests include social enterprise law, nonprofit law, corporate governance, and clinical legal education.

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Jeff Reid

Jeff Reid is an Adjunct Professor of strategy at the McDonough School of Business and the founding director of the the Georgetown Entrepreneurship Initiative. A proven strategic leader in the arenas of entrepreneurship, venture capital, education, technology, and economic development, Reid believes strongly in the power of entrepreneurial communities and networks to create social value.


Damian Saccocio

Damian Saccocio is an Adjunct Professor at the McDonough School of Business. Specializing in technology strategies, Saccocio teaches a course on this topic that covers theory, history, and modern cases of industries undergoing rapid disruptive technological change.


Andrew Sherman

Andrew Sherman is a Adjunct Professor in the Georgetown Law School’s CLE Program, with an expertise on corporate governance best practices.


Dr. Elizabeth Page Sigman

Dr. Elizabeth Sigman is a Distinguished Teaching Professor at the McDonough School of Business. Specializing in technology, social media, electronic commerce and information systems and a faculty associate for the Center for Business and Public Policy and the Capital Markets Research Center and serves as a Technology, Learning and Teaching Fellow for the Center for New Designs in Learning Systems.


Sarah Stilles

Sarah Stiles is as Visiting Assistant Professor in the Georgetown Department of Sociology, teaching undergraduate courses including:
Introduction to Sociology
Flourishing: College & Community
Race, Society, and Cinema
CBL: The Contemporary City
CBL: Social Entrepreneurship/Change
Law & Society
Community Involvement Seminar
CBL: Sociology Senior Seminar


Holly Wise

Holly Wise is a Visiting Associate Professor at the Walsh School of Foreign Service, teaching graduate level courses including:
Innovation & Development
Social Enterprise & Development
Small & Medium Enterprise Development
Social Entrepreneurship