Hiring Organization: FreezeCrowd, Inc.

Internship Title: Social Media Sales Representative

Industry: Social Networking

Contact Name: Eric

Contact Email: eric@freezecrowd.com

About the hiring organization:
FreezeCrowd is a unique social media platform and network that connects college students and alumni with friends. In photos, there is a snowflake, which allows the user to FreezeTag a friend as whatever they are (ie. Biology Major, Business Major, Journalism Major, Golfer, Football Player, etc.). All photos are unique and can be categorized as club photos, team photos, company photos, friend photos and more. FreezeTag also allows to send off a speech bubble message to friends, connect you from within a group text conversation. Status updates are called a “Thought to Freeze” and you can freeze (or preserve, and schedule an update) a thought, and melt a thought.

Full internship description:

Are you great at captivating people’s attention in your college community? At FreezeCrowd you will work on a variety of marketing and sales oriented tasks to attract people from your school to our website. This job involves marketing and sales in the form of presenting, communicating, messaging, and reaching out to students at your school.

Degree Type: Undergraduate, Graduate

Internship Requirements:
Must be a current student or recent alumni.

Hiring Period: Fall, Spring, Summer

Location: Remote/On Campus

Approximate Hours per Week: 10 hours

Compensation: $6 per verified activation

Application Due Date: November 11

How to Apply: Please send your resume to info@freezecrowd.com.