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Overview of the Leonsis Family Entrepreneurship Prize:

Since 2009, the Georgetown Entrepreneurship Initiative has equipped students with the knowledge, skills, and resources to launch viable new businesses that create wealth and add value to society. As the initiative works to build a culture of entrepreneurship across the Georgetown community, the McDonough School of Business recognizes an opportunity to mentor and support our students and young alumni who have turned their passions into viable entrepreneurial ventures.

The Leonsis Family Entrepreneurship Prize will honor and support Georgetown students who have launched or are preparing to launch new business ventures that will address problems in the world around them. Each semester, teams or individuals can compete in order to win an amount determined from the annual limit of $100,000. Ultimately, the Leonsis Prize will build awareness around the innovation and accomplishments of Georgetown’s entrepreneurs, strengthening our reputation as a place for the most ambitious young people who seek to create and develop new companies.

With Much Appreciation:

On behalf of the many young Georgetown entrepreneurs whose ambitions will be advanced by your support, we thank the entire Leonsis family for their $1 million donation to create the Leonsis Family Entrepreneurship Prize.