Useful articles on delivering a pitch to investors:

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                                                                                HELPFUL LINKS

Investor Pitch
A detailed article explaining every point to include in your pitch to perfect it.

Venture Capital Pitch
A slideshow outlining key points to include in a pitch to a venture capitalist.

Pitching to Angel Investors
Tips when presenting your business concept to angels in order to receive an investment.

                                                                                  HELPFUL HINTS

Teams should prepare a short pitch deck (approximately 10 -12 slides). Typically, an effective pitch will contain the following information:

Value proposition: what problem does it solve, and for whom?

Competitive landscape: who else does something similar? How are you different or better?

How does it work? (demo or illustration) 

Market: how big is the opportunity? How many potential customers/users? How much is spent on this type of product/service?

Source of revenues/business model: Are customers likely to pay, and how much? On what basis did you set the price?

Profit potential: Is it scaleable? Profitable? How big could this idea become over time?

Validation: Have you tested the idea with potential customers? Any feedback? Have you generated any revenues to date?

Next steps: How soon do you plan to launch? What happens between now and then? How much funding do you need, and for what purpose?

Students are strongly encouraged to reach out to mentors, professors and our Entrepreneurs-in-Residence for help on preparing their pitches.

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