Hiring Organization: Startup Hotel

Internship Title: Georgetown Community Manager

Industry: FinTech, Retail

Contact Name: Ryan Merlini

Contact Email: info@startuphotel.io

About the hiring organization:
There is no designated local retail space for a community’s startup products. In coordination with Startup Grind, Black Girl Vision, Startup Hoyas, and Arlington Economic Development, the Startup Hotel has sprung from the need for a neighborhood supported startup marketplace. Simply put: it is a social payment vending machine hosted by your neighborhood coffee shop for local startup products.

Full internship description:

You will be exposed to dozens of Georgetown and local DC startup founders who are at a critical moment in their lives. Some haven’t sold a single product; some are a few years in. As the final decision maker on who gets stocked and when, you will design your own rubric and onboarding process for the startups in your Hotel. After making your decision, you’ll make a portion of all sales at the store.

Degree Type: Undergraduate

Internship Requirements: Grow your pipeline- Reaching out to startups is usually an easy sell (“‘Want more exposure and retail space for your product?’…’Sure!’”) Outreach is still necessary to ensure high quality products and fresh shelves. Many products are found through Kickstarter, Indiegogo, and getting into local startup newsletters. Selection- you select which startups are stocked and for what duration. Onboarding- ensure startups have provided all details necessary for onboarding process. Change signage when a new products replaces an old one. Offboarding- ensure startups receive any inventory they weren’t able to sell. Startups deliver their inventory themselves. For the most part, this is an opportunity to meet founders, offer them retail space, and grow a passive source of income while in school. Startups are shelved on average for 1.5 months at a time; so the majority of weeks will be on your own schedule, reaching out to entrepreneurs. Nearly all work as a Manager is remote

Hiring Period: Spring, Summer

Location: Remote

Approximate Hours per Week: 5

Compensation: Paid

Application Due Date: 02/03/18

How to Apply: Email resume to: info@startuphotel.io Subject should be: Your Name, Hotel Manager Application Email content should answer this question in 1-2 sentences: Do you have an intrinsic interest in any of the following: startups, economic placemaking for underrepresented populations, venture capital, community building, data, or fintech. If selected, you will develop a basic understanding in, and in some cases, an expertise in, each of these categories.