2017 Summer Launch Program Participants


Febin Bellamy (MSB ‘17), A non-profit organization that promotes awareness & appreciation for the workers on college campuses that keep the university running behind-the-scenes. We spotlight workers’ personal stories on social media, and inspiring students to give back to the community via service projects and crowd funding campaigns that help these heroes achieve their dreams.


Ethan Rosen (MSB ‘19), A new brand of fashionable, functional, and affordable athletic/leisure clothing for men. We currently sell to college students and athletes, and offer custom orders for fraternities and sports teams.


Rainier Go (MSB ‘17), Shivum Bharill (COL ‘17), A video chat telemedicine service that connects college students facing mental health difficulties with therapists, easing the capacity constraints of college health service providers.


Jose Gabriel Andrade (MBA ‘18), Max Weintraub (MBA ‘18), A tool that recognizes objects on pictures or video posted on social media o other streaming sources. Based on a prototype created for the Department of Defense, now looking for potential commercial sector applications.


Stephanie Huang (NHS ‘18), Uniscrum is a social media app and sharing platform that allows creators and clubs to collaborate and share work in progress.


Phillip Hamrock (MBA ‘17), Sarah Gustin (SCS ‘17), Provides collegiate student-athletes, coaches and teams the specialized tools to develop their leadership skills and achieve success on and off the playing field.


Lola Bushnell (COL ‘18), Jamie Farrell (COL ‘19) Fiber Filter is an easy-to-use garment pouch for synthetic fiber clothing (such as fleece) that prevents the release of microfibers into our water sources during the laundry cycle – a growing threat to aquatic life and human health.


Armando Soto III (SFS ‘18), Edgies® Poster Hangers are an economical alternative to framing, and superior to traditional hanging methods such as thumbtacks, mounting putty, and adhesive strips.


Christine Yang (SFS ‘18), Dressmate allows college students to rent out their business and party clothing to other students within their campus. Items can be searched by color, brand, occasion, availability and price.


Anthony DeThomas (MED), Delicious, organic, all-natural desserts that are low on sugar, high on protein and fiber.  Designed for any busy person seeking to maintain a healthy lifestyle.


Juan Pablo D’Alessandro (MBA ‘18). An auction platform that helps sporting venues earn revenues from unused capacity by enabling attendees to bid for an upgraded seat.


Dalton Dwyer (LAW ‘17) A vision aid for tower crane operators, allowing the crane to be remotely and improving the efficiency and the safety of the construction process.


Eileen Rogan (MBA ‘17), Home baking kits, individually packaged with pre-measured, quality ingredients and idiot-proof instructions making even the most inexperienced baker look like a regular Martha Stewart.