Cherian Thomas

    ROLE: Chairman and CEO of Spotluck

    EXPERTISE: Mobile, Tech, Fundraising, Sales, Customer Acquisition Strategy


    OFFICE HOURS: By Appointment

    Cherian Thomas is Chairman and CEO of Spotluck Inc. Cherian took Spotluck from a Georgetown University Masters deliverable to a monetized business currently ranked as the #1 “dining” app on the iTunes App Store!  The Spotluck mobile platform brings yield management to the restaurant industry by providing real-time incentives to the best local restaurants (“spots”) in the community.  Spotluck’s gamified UX makes dining fun for users while their proprietary software maximizes restaurant profits through exclusive smart discounts that change based on day, time, weather and other factors that affect restaurant occupancy.  It’s a win-win platform that satisfies the belly and wallet (for users) and the bottom line (for restaurants).

    Cherian is the magnet between the brilliant minds and wicked (get sh*t done) fun culture at Spotluck. In his leadership role at Spotluck, Cherian actively maintains stakeholder relations while raising awareness of the company’s frontward facing brand and CSR initiatives. He’s a sales-driven people-first leader who inspires his team to be the CEO of their own positions.

    Cherian has a passion for leading small teams willing to take on big-picture challenges.  His knack for understanding stakeholders and creating win-win platforms have been key success factors across several companies he has helped to build, scale or advise. His “if it was easy, everyone would do it” motto encourages others to push the boundaries of innovation and attack colossal problems. Cherian actively advises several early-stage companies in areas specific to mobile apps, tech, fundraising, sales, and consumer acquisition strategies.

    Prior to co-founding Spotluck, Cherian hedged commodities within the U.S manufacturing and recycling sector. Cherian holds a B.S. (Marketing), M.B.A. (Marketing) and E.M.L (Executive Masters in Leadership) from Georgetown University’s McDonough School of Business.  In 2013, Cherian co-founded the Georgetown WASTENOT Initiative in Cape Town, South Africa; a GU legacy project that links poverty prone areas to local manufacturers through recycling buy-back centers.