Febin Bellamy

    Febin Bellamy is a senior in the McDonough School of Business at Georgetown University, majoring in Business Management. He has a strong passion for social entrepreneurship and aspires to leave a positive impact on the world through his viral initiative, Unsung Heroes. Febin’s initiative focuses on promoting awareness and appreciation for the workers on college campuses who we often overlook and fail to recognize – such as cafeteria workers, sanitation workers, and janitors. He shares their personal stories “Humans of New York” style via social media and establishes projects to help the workers achieve their dreams ¬†through fundraising, acts of kindness, and by promoting others to get involved with the cause. Unsung Heroes has been featured on prominent news media including NBC Nightly News, HLN / CNN, NBC Washington, Washington Post, Huffington Post, among others. Febin is a sports enthusiast – he enjoys playing basketball and racquetball.