Shaun Johnson

    ROLE: Co-Founder, Startup Institute

    EXPERTISE: Technology Startups and Startup Accelerators, Seed Stage Investment, Product/Concept Development, IT Analytics


    OFFICE HOURS: Sundays or by appointment

    Shaun Johnson is a technologist, early adopter and helper of Startup Hoyas. He is the co-founder of Startup Institute, an edtech company equipping individuals with the skills, access and mindset needed to make an immediate and positive impact on the startup venture they join. Previously, Shaun was an Associate at TechStars, the premier startup accelerator providing seed stage investment and mentorship.

    Before that, Shaun was a management consultant in Booz Allen Hamilton’s Strategic Technology & Innovation practice. He has advised companies across the emerging technology landscape, including smart grid energy, healthcare IT, broadband infrastructure & alternative assets. Prior to Booz Allen, Shaun managed metadata and econometrics as a Program Analyst at the Bureau of Labor Statistics. Still a lover of sexy consumer web products, Shaun has also helped numerous startups with product roadmapping, getting off the ground and taking market share.

    Shaun holds a B.A. in computer science & sociology from Georgetown University and an M.S. in information systems from The Johns Hopkins University.