Our undergraduate entrepreneurship courses focus on developing an “entrepreneurial mindset” and the value that entrepreneurs create. The curriculum is designed both for students who want to work within a startup, and students who might want to launch an entrepreneurial venture at some later stage in their careers.

The aim of these courses is to take the mystique out of entrepreneurship, and explore the tools and techniques that entrepreneurs use to maximize their chances of success. The sequence is more “hands on” than many traditional business school courses, and open to undergraduates outside the business school. With the exception of the Entrepreneurship Practicum (for Entrepreneurship Fellows only), there are no prerequisites.

Entrepreneurship Focus Courses

The Entrepreneurship Focus is organized as a set of recommended courses from which students may choose depending upon their particular interests.  Entrepreneurship can be combined with any major.  In addition to the Focus, sophomores may apply for the Entrepreneurship Fellows Program.


STRT 220
Foundations of Entrepreneurship

foundations-pillars 320x250

This course introduces students to the social science of entrepreneurship with a specific focus on the discovery and/or creation of opportunities. Topics covered will include theory and evidence on the cultural appeal of entrepreneurship, the economic impact of entrepreneurs, idea validation, design thinking, lean startup principles, and the business model canvas. Students who complete this course will be prepared to identify, analyze, and act on entrepreneurial opportunities.


STRT 224
Launching Entrepreneurial Ventures

starting up 320x250

In this class, students engage directly in the search for a robust and scalable idea, and practice the skills needed to launch or join a startup. Topics covered will include theory and evidence on strategic choices related to a new organization’s offerings, identity, business model, employment model, target markets and customers, suppliers, and investors. Students who complete this course will be prepared to form founding teams, develop a business plan, mobilize resources, establish governance procedures, and launch new ventures.


MGMT 229
Managing Entrepreneurial Ventures 

FoundationLibrary 320x250

In this course, students explore the operational and managerial challenges faced by entrepreneurs and the ways in which management of a startup differs from more established organizations.  Each student interns with an early stage company, and develops a case study on that venture for presentation to the class. The objective is to build the skills needed to manage or join a startup, and to further develop an entrepreneurial mindset. Note: Seniors only; enrollment preference is given to students in the entrepreneurship minor or entrepreneurship fellows program, and those who have taken STRT 220 or STRT 224.

Entrepreneurship Interest Courses

The following courses have a broader application but are recommended for students interested in entrepreneurship (click links to view class descriptions).

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